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♪Do You know Who I am? Good, Neither Do I;;♪

Kelly;; I'm bringing sassy back!
8 July
I'm weird! I don't know how to describe myself... I'm shy until I'm comfortable around people but that doesn't take long... i dunno if there's any thing you want to know ask me... I'm Emotional, If you don't like it then leave me alone.

Theres a place in my heart for each one of the people important to me, they know who they are.
anne rice, bdsm, being myself, being naked, being someones crack, bind me bb, body ink, body jewelry, book:: the exquisite corpse, bring me the horizon, care bears, chains, cobra starship, coffins, decaydance, docta peppah!, ear candy![da music], expanding my intellectual horizons, fall out boy! [oi!oi], fangs, fear, female body, fire [oo ;d], forensics, foreplay, fueled by ramen, gym class heroes, hot weather, i'ma uso no jisatsu, instruments, ireland, ivory&ebony keys, japanese musics/culture, less than three you!, local bands, mail order asianboy, making our own subtitles!, mm hot-wax, movies on da phone, my iceheart!, nerds ftw, occultism, omnisexuality, palace! lyke woah, panic! at the disco, serial killers, sharp metal objects, songfests on the mic, squigglyspoochs, stupid typos, the academy is..., ,